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Concrete Bundaberg

It’s time to get down and dirty with some concrete, so you need the best concreters in town. Welcome! Our company is Driveways ‘N’ More Concrete Bundaberg which provides concreting services for the people and businesses of Bundaberg.

When you pour concrete, it’s just a slab of grey material. But when we shape and sculpt that dull grey block with expertise and skill, before long you see an inviting patio or durable pathway, the foundation to a new house or steps up to your front entrance. Concrete is only boring until its moulded by a professional’s hands into something beautiful for all eyes to see!

Driveways ‘N’ More Concrete Bundaberg will design and construct your driveway, footpaths, foundations, patio or any other concrete surface you desire. We offer top quality concreting services to ensure our customers get the dream garage flooring, outdoor entertainment area, concrete driveways and more that they deserve.

There is no shortage of decorative styles for our clients because we offer stamped and stencilled concrete finishes that can be customized with unique patterns like cobblestones or an exposed aggregate finish perfect for rustic designs. Whether it’s a new building foundation construction project (or repair), a patio, or driveway – we have got you covered!

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concrete Bundaberg

Because we do more than just Concrete Driveways.

We will perform concreting work not just for residential homeowners in Bundaberg, but also for all types of corporate and commercial businesses, like offices and retail stores and shops, educational facilities and many more.

We offer a wide range of services to ensure that your needs are met no matter what they may be – ranging from small concrete repairs such as fixing cracks, all the way up to large-scale projects including new concrete foundation slabs and parking garage. With our contractors bringing their knowledge and dedication and professional pride into each job, you can rest assured knowing that we will take care of everything!

Our services are top-notch, and we strive to provide you with the best customer service experience possible. We encourage questions from our customers so that they can be sure of what’s being offered before committing their time or money into one of our packages. If you would like a quote for any upcoming project, please feel free to contact us today!

We here at Driveways ‘N’ More Concrete Bundaberg are waiting to work with you, so please call us today for your concreting requirements!

About US

Bundaberg is a city with many different activities and adventures to offer. Our team is committed to providing quality workmanship while completing your project on-time and within budget. At Driveways ‘N’ More Concrete Bundaberg, we will help you out when it comes time for concrete repairs, concrete driveways or footpaths or new construction projects for large commercial companies.

Concrete is often associated with being dull and cold. Yet, it has done so much to shape our cities into what they are today. Without the material, buildings would not exist as we know them; concrete plays a pivotal role in urban development around the world!

We want to create something that will enrich people’s lives and bring them together. Our concrete builds are around for a long time, so it only makes sense we put the best effort we can in every new project because the work is remarkable.

And anyways, who says that concrete has to be dull and cold and grey? With so many patterns, colours and textures available to you for concrete stamping or stencilling, not to mention exposed aggregate concrete, there’s no need to ever reign in your creativity!  

Concrete as a material is such an integral part of our everyday lives, but now you can take the mundane and turn it into something extraordinary with these concrete projects. Concretes jobs are perfect for turning what’s old or ugly into something that will is uniquely your own!

We have got your back when it comes to concreting! Our staff will listen carefully as you outline what type of project needs doing, which materials are best suited for use on site, how much work is required to complete the task at hand – We will help you through this every step of the way.

So, call us today, and let’s start something exciting.

Concreting in Bundaberg

Our Concrete Bundaberg Services

Concrete Driveways Bundaberg

concrete driveway Bundaberg

Whether you’re looking for a modern, sleek concrete driveway to complement the architecture of your home or want something more classic and traditional in design; whether you are building on an existing site that is prone to water damage from rain runoff, require parking space for heavy machinery like cars and trucks (or even boats!), need ground reinforcement due to soil instability issues such as flooding during periods of excessive rainfall—concrete is the perfect choice.

Concrete has been used by builders since ancient times because it lasts so long with minimal maintenance. Concrete will last anywhere between 30-40 years depending on its thickness which means less worry about cracks forming over time! It also provides excellent thermal insulation properties which keeps light coloured surfaces around 10 degrees cooler – a Godsend on those hot Bundaberg days.

Whether you want a driveway that’s strong enough to handle all heavy traffic or one that can take any amount of use, we have the right idea. We offer stamped concrete and stencilled designs, and also exposed aggregate concrete, for those who are looking to make their design stand out from others.

Concrete Walkways and Footpaths Bundaberg

concrete path Bundaberg

If you’re looking for a concrete footpath, we can help. We will install beautifully designed outdoor paths into any residential home or commercial business property. Our paths will increase your curb appeal and bring in more customers!

We offer both residential homeowners as well as business owners the ability to install an attractive pathway leading up to their doorsteps or front entranceways. In addition, we will be punctual, and will get started on installation promptly after being contacted by clients interested in such services like yours.

We know that your concrete walkways and footpaths require a lot of care, so we take our jobs seriously. We’ve been in the business for a long time, providing quality workmanship to ensure you get what is best for your property.

Whatever the case may be with you require concrete walkways or footpaths, we want to make sure that everything goes smoothly on construction day when it comes time to install those new pathways. Something as easy as laying out some fresh cement can turn into disaster if proper consideration isn’t taken beforehand through water flow patterns from rain run off channels which could lead to cracks where damage occurs!

Have you ever thought of a footpath as more than just something that leads to your destination? I mean, who wants their walkway or pathway to be dull and lifeless when it could be so much fun! There are many different styles for concrete pathways. You can have them stamped with patterns like brick work which is great for adding interest and flair. Or if you want a little bit of texture in the design, choose exposed aggregate concrete instead.

Concrete Foundations Bundaberg

Concrete foundation Bundaberg

Every successful building starts with a strong foundation. If the Bible was being written today, they’d say that ‘the wise man built their house upon a concrete slab’. This is because it is the best way to make sure that your home, store or other structure lasts for years and resists all kinds of external pressure.

Concrete slabs are tough, steadfast, dependable and lasts for a very long time.

Builders in the modern era understand that every structure needs a strong foundation – not just homes and office buildings – they’re also perfect for barns, sheds, garages or even things like pool pumps and air-conditioning units. These structures need to be anchored firmly into place so as to withstand weather conditions such as high winds or heavy rainfalls over time; this is where concrete comes in handy!

Much is riding on the professional creation, pouring and formation of your concrete slab, and we will take that responsibility seriously. We want to build a durable foundation for your home, garage or structure so it lasts years and years! Once built, you can rest assured knowing everything will be safe because our well-formed slabs are tough as nails.

Concrete Patios Bundaberg

concrete Patio Bundaberg

Picture it: the day is coming to a close as you sit on your favourite chair on the patio, in the fresh air. The sun’s rays are warming your skin and invigorating your senses; they make for an amazing atmosphere that only gets better with all of those who mean so much to you gathered around this wonderful dinner table taking part in good conversation about life, love, family – everything! Is there any other scene more beautiful than this?

Patios allow you to create a backyard oasis that is perfect for year-round enjoyment. Whether it’s an inviting spot for family BBQs or relaxing with friends on the weekends, patios can be customized and designed in so many different ways!

Your patio is the perfect space to bring friends and family together. It’s our mission as contractors that it turns out just how you envisioned, planned for your rain water needs with concrete slabs designed to last years without issues of pooling or erosion over time!

Forget the same old patio. With our Concrete Stamping, Stencilling, and Exposed Aggregate Concreting decorative services, you can give your own personalized flair to every inch of concrete on your property.

When you call us, we would really love to discuss with you how your patio can become the centre of family and friend gatherings for years.

Concrete Repair Bundaberg

concrete repair Bundaberg

We all know how strong and durable concrete is. But even so, over time the daily course of wear and tear, years of wind, rain and sunshine, and constant use will eventually effect your concrete surface. Concrete still requires maintenance and repair, and so we offer this concrete repair service.

And time isn’t concrete’s only enemy. If concrete is laid improperly, or mistakes are made in the planning of your concrete surface, you might find a need to fix up cracks and concrete subsidence.

Whatever the reason, your concrete surfaces will likely, at one time or other, need a little tender loving care. Perhaps your driveway has become cracked and stained from years of spilt oil, or your patios are looking weathered after being in the elements 24/7/365, or your pathways are worn down by constant use. Whatever the case, call our contractors and they will bring your concrete surface back to looking like new.

Concrete Stamping and Stencilling Bundaberg

stamped concrete Bundaberg

The concrete in your home or business is a major focal point. You don’t want to just settle for any old grey, you deserve the best! You can make it look like anything you want!

Stamped Concrete is textured and imprinted in any type of texture; stone, brick, wood tile even changing the colour if desired.

There are many variations available such as stamped patterns which imitate bricks and cobblestones while there’s also Stamp Art that mimics natural textures such as bark or water droplets on leaves – perfect for creating an outdoor space that looks both modern yet earthy at the same time.

Stamped Concrete not only improves functionality but aesthetics too because nobody wants their yard littered with ugly slabs of unattractive concrete.

 Another option, stencilled concrete, gives a unique decorative technique that has become increasingly popular in the last few years. A stencil, which covers the surface of your desired area with an interesting pattern or design, can be used to create beautiful shapes and motifs in your concrete. It’s another way of ensuring that your concrete patios, footpaths, driveways or more are unique and visually sets you apart from your neighbours

Layered with creativity, these two styles have a lot to offer. You might be surprised at just how artistic you can get when it comes time for your concrete design. Give us a call and we’ll help come up with something that leaves everyone satisfied!

Exposed Aggregate Concrete Bundaberg

exposed aggregate concrete Bundaberg

The decorative process known as exposed aggregate concrete is renowned for its capability to increase the visual and aesthetic appeal of anyone’s property. With a variety of colour options, exposed aggregate can be used in driveways or walkway patios and provides an aesthetically pleasing look that will improve not only your curb-appeal but also help you sell it at higher cost due to increased market value!

Exposed aggregate concrete allows the stones and sand and pebbles that exist within your concrete mixture to show through at the surface. Normally, these aggregates are encased in cement but with exposed aggregate that top layer of cement is removed, allowing you to see the unique composition of the stonework underneath.

This decorative style of concrete ensures a unique look to your concrete structure, as the chaotic mix of small, medium and large-size rocked and aggregate can not be repeated from one job to the next.

Commercial Concreting Bundaberg

commercial concrete Bundaberg

Our concreters are the best option for any concrete job. From a new driveway to an office building, from driveways to parking lots and car parks; whatever your concreting requirements we can handle it. No matter how big or small the project is, our team of professionals will get you what you need when you need it at competitive prices that won’t break your budget!

We’re not only skilled in residential home concreting jobs but also commercial and corporate concreting jobs. Whether its slabs for a new retail store or concrete services for wheelchair ramps and footpaths, we’ve got everything covered! Regardless of the size of the job, our concrete contractors have the experience to meet any expectations.

 Your footpaths and pathways don’t have to be boring anymore. Give your concrete an extra dash of creativity with Exposed Aggregate Concrete, or Concrete Stamping or Stencilling. Not only can you choose from a variety of colours but also textures such as smooth, rough or textured. Finally ensure the safety of your customers by having regular maintenance on their sidewalks so they’re safe for years to come!

So, if you are a commercial or corporate business owner, give us a call. Or leave you details in the contact form provided and one of our friendly staff will contact you shortly.

Imagine a house with the perfect foundation. Imagine your business booming from its new parking garage, and imagine you outside on your concrete patio in peace as dusk settles around you. Call us today for all of that and more!

Or if you prefer to leave a message, use our contact form and one of our friendly staff will contact you.

Whatever your concrete needs are, we can help you.

Our team will treat every job with care and attention to detail. We hope to hear from you soon!

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